Shanique Gonzalez-Cooke



Shanique Gonzalez-Cooke is the Owner and Head Coach of Ruby Cheer & Fitness

Shanique has always been involved in various sports from a young age but didn't start cheerleading until university and hasn't looked back since. She has been cheerleading for 11 years and coaching for 10 years. 

Shanique started her cheerleading journey with Kingston Knights at Kingston University where she gained her BA degree in Dance. She has a BGU Level 3 Coach qualification and has delivered cheer classes in schools in Richmond, Kensington and Kingston. She currently coaches the UWL Warriors cheerleaders competition team at the University of West London. 

She is also the Team Manager and Head Coach of Zoo Riot Cheerleaders professional team in London. 


Using her dance experience she has taught dance classes in schools as part of the students' PE lessons.

Also trained in First aid which comes in handy when being a mother of her 2 children.  

She has a strong passion for cheer which is evident in her work ethic and willingness to spark the passion in others.