Tumble Coaching

Build and improve tumble skills with a coach

Private Tumble sessions are a great way for your child to focus on specific skills and get that 1 on 1 time from a coach that is sometimes needed to achieve their goal.

Learn tumbling basics such as forward and backward roll, cartwheel, bridges, forward and back walkovers.

Once these are mastered your child can move on to round offs, connecting tumbles and back handsprings

The session includes:

  • Warm up

  • Skill Drills 

  • Spotting (only of needed)

  • Cool down and stretch

Improve your tumble skills and work towards a specific goal. Strength and conditioning training to help you become a strong tumbler.
Private Tumble Coaching

Private Home Tumbling Sessions

45 mins per session

£25 per session 

Please email with your requirements before booking.

Due to Covid-19 all classes have been cancelled until further notice. Hope to be getting you moving soon.
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